Things to consider while choosing a colour theme for your home

Your home is a reflection of your personality. It is a special space that becomes your comfort zone and you’d certainly want to flaunt it to your family and friends. This is why home design and styling becomes an integral part of your routine when you move into a new abode or consider a home makeover. One of the most important aspects of designing your home is colour selection. The colour of your room can affect your moods and thoughts to a great extent. 

When you buy flat in Mumbai and commence the process of decorating its interiors, do not rush to finalizing the wall colour in the initial phase. Start your colour search with the less flexible elements in your home, such as furniture, tiles, fabrics, etc. You can then choose a colour theme that best complements these elements. Below are some facts that you should keep in mind when choosing the right colour theme for your home.


Colour tones change depending upon the reflection of light. Therefore, you should consider the amount of artificial light in the room and the natural light seeping in through the windows or balconies while choosing a colour theme. For a room that receives less daylight, a warm colour palette would be effective to soften the shadows and react better to artificial light. 

A splash of colour:

 You need not paint all your walls with the same colour. In fact, you can opt for a neutral background and add a splash of colour on a particular side of the wall. Alternatively, you can add colour to the room through small elements, such as curtains, pillows, rugs, furniture, accessories, etc. Choosing the right colour theme can unite contrasting styles of furnishings or can even revive outdated furniture. 

Colour in an open floor plan

If your new abode has relatively more open spaces, then choosing a colour theme can be tricky. Consider transforming an open floor plan through the use of wallpapers in corners or transitional areas, pick a self-contained wall and paint it with an accent colour, or use a monochromatic theme and change the value of the colour from one space to another. 
Choosing the right colour theme should be a peaceful and enjoyable journey. Take your time to visit the paint store, talk to experts, and bring home as many swatches to best understand the feel and look of a specific colour tone or pattern. The idea is not just to live in one of the luxury apartments in Mumbai but to let your home reflect a sense of warmth and comfort to everyone.

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